Dear Visionaries,


To find new customers, you need to share your vision.


When it comes to promoting your work, or sharing your “vision,” speed is everything. Faster is better than better. The internet has a voracious appetite for new content - words, pictures, audio and video. Share often, or be forgotten, it seems.

The struggle is keeping up. Time is scarce. That’s why I'm finding faster ways to produce digital media, and documenting them here for you.

But what do I mean by "faster is better than better," you ask?

It's the difference between a Hollywood feature film, and the evening news. A film is far more polished, but takes a long time to make. Today's news can’t wait for tomorrow. I don’t think your vision can wait, either. If you have something to share, let’s get it out there. 

My name is Tim. How can I help you?



I can't wait to hear from you.

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